Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Too Sore to Pee

Did lower body the other day, first time in about a month. I was too busy running to lift last month. I really did not think I would be THAT sore, since I was running. Boy howdy was I wrong! Every time I sit to pee (which is more often since I am FINALLY drinking all the water my poor body was craving) I gasp ouch, ouch, ouch through gritted teeth!

Yesterday was my first training run for the half. Four miles was the distance. I made it, but I felt like I was running in a tight skirt because I just could not do more than waddle! haha! Still managed to run 9:33 miles, so I guess that is not all that bad! I was really hoping the run would loosen up and warm up the muscles... NOPE. I hurt WORSE last night! But, this morning, I am less sore than yesterday. I expected to be in more pain, but I guess the run helped a little after all!

Ok, well need to get me and the Boy dressed for the gym. Today is upper body weights. I really hope my shoulder is ok. I think it was my awesome new purse that was causing the problem. I traded it out for another not so pretty one, and my shoulder is doing a lot better. There is still a place that almost feels like bone on bone, but it is rare that I hit that spot, and it is not painful unless I hit that spot.

Here is to progress!

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Ruthie said...

yippee for too sore to peeeee :)
I was so sore the first time i worked out (last week) but this week isnot so bad.. are you drinking protein right after you lift?
I did that two days ago after legs and i REALLY helped!