Thursday, September 29, 2011


I know I've been gone.. still working toward that goal.. just not blogging about it.

Anyway... Fall is super busy for me so I have not been on the internet except to answer emails on my phone, and I have rarely gotten to watch any TV. Well yesterday I got some TV time. I had recorded some of those Extreme Couponing episodes. Wow, it is like watching Hoarders. You are horrified, fascinated, and even though your jaw is on the floor, you can stop watching! These people are CRAZY mad over their coupons. They spend at least 35 hours a week planning their shopping trips and gathering coupons. And personally, I can make more money an hour than they save, but whatever. The point is, these people, surrounded by their spreadsheets and 20lb binders full of coupons in their little storehouses of (junk) food they got for free... these people, they have PASSION. They LOVE doing this, LUV.

So, Ive been mulling it all over in my brain, not even sure what or why, when I saw something that reminded me of scrapbooking. Something I REALLY love to do. It has kinda been the last thing that is MINE that I have temporarily given up while I focus on my children and husband. I have some passion for that, but not what these people have. But I get that little happy, crazy giddy, butterfly feeling in my stomach when I think of creating.

And then it all hit me at once. I've been thinking about those crazy couponers because IIIIIIII want to be good at something that I have serious PASSION about. Wait.. I do have passion, about nutrition and health and fitness... it gets me excited and righteously angry and fueled up in so many ways. And I never have to work hard to remember any of it, it just STICKS in my brain. Then why doesn't it show? Why do I hold back? It is so much a passion of mine that I can't hold it in anymore. It just keeps leaking out and I am spilling all my knowledge on people and blindsiding them with information and zeal! Ha. Guess I need to mull that over for a while and find some reason to the 'why' I have not been embracing it and TEACHING it. Because I sure do KNOW it. And we even live it, but only 70%, I want some 95% lifestyle going on over here! haha

Gotta run.. my little one does this great toe propelled army crawl, but now he is into EVERYTHING!

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