Friday, January 9, 2009

Answer Why

(Questions taken from Ruthie's blog)

Why ..

  • does it always have to be a choice?

Yes, it always has to be a choice... always. Just like we tell our children... make wise choices. All we do every day, is make choices.
  • does it always have to be a mental thing before its a physical thing?

Yep, I think so! The only things ever holding me back are preconceptions, or my lack of faith in myself, or just not putting myself on that flippen list. It is always about the mind first. The body follows the mind. God made it that way. Guess it is just another proof that He cares about what is inside, in our hearts and minds, more than what is on the outsides. (Thanks to Amy for this verse today!)
1 Samuel 16:7 But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."
Alright, Lord, point taken.
  • when life gets busy we do dont want to do the things we know we should do to feel our best?
For me, it is because I mistakenly think that putting everyone else on the list first, will make them happier... and a little just because I have yet to really believe I deserve it. This is one of the first times in my life that I am REALLY trying to put God first, and then, only, my family next, and then me. But a HUGE part of putting my family first, is taking care of me. Without taking care of me, sharpening my blade so to speak, I am not really taking care of my family like they want, or need to, be taken care of. What hubby wants a sloppy wife, even if the house is clean and dinner is on the table? My hubby wants a presentable wife (as in showered this week, and has something OTHER than pjs or sweats on) that is confident and happy, and I am pretty sure my kid is going to want a mom that is happy and confident, and not dropping him off at school in my pjs would rank up there too! haha! Those two things (taking care of me, and taking care of my family) seem to be symbiotic. I just have to REMEMBER THAT when life gets busy.

Oh, and to put it simply, I think I mistakenly believe that I just HAVE to take care of this and this and this... so I will be the least likely to make a fuss if I am not attended to, so there I go, on that far back burner.
  • is it going to be a struggle ... always... to be healthy?
Yes again. I have learned, the hard way in my adult life, that anything worth having... is a struggle. My daily life is a struggle. Granted others have harder struggles, but just being myself, my scatterbrained, overwhelmed self, is a struggle. My life requires that I have a top five list everyday... because if I don't write those five things (and only limit to five things) down and have them in front of me all day, even things like eating or brushing my teeth, it will just get run over in the struggle of keeping up with my everyday life.

Only the things that we work the hardest for, seem to reap the greatest reward.
  • is it so hard to live in this world and be healthy and fit?
Well, considering that they think that by 2012 the whole of our nation will be obese... yes. Temptation is everywhere, and it is acceptable. It is our culture. It is also our culture to take the easy way out. There just has to be a pill to fix it for me, or a gene that I can blame it on. We don't teach personal responsibility. Failure is just too painful to have to go through... so we take it away. Granted, I fear failure, but failure has also taught me some awesome lessons that I will never learn another way. When I finally run that half marathon, those 4-5 times that I tried and failed, will have taught me so much.

Also, our culture revolves around pleasure foods. Fast foods too! Gone are the days of eating at home with your family. Personally, I plan on being one of the women trying to bring that back in Vogue! haha! I just have to learn how to not hate cooking first!

Ok, apparently I could rant forever on that last one. You should see how much I deleted. So I will just stop short there!


Josha said... did you get cool purple skin on your mini? I'm so jealous.
Yep, we are def held back by our own preconceptions and expectations.

Amy said...

I used to hate cooking but now LOVE it!! Happy to give you some pointers...

JRo said...

Amy, can you just do it FOR me? hehe